Monday, November 07, 2005

Lindsey pushes cameron on a rope and tire swing at the petting zoo. Lindsey and Cameron are the first and second daughters respectfully of Larry northup son of Rick Northup

Saturday, September 17, 2005


You Know, it just dawned on me, I have not yet written a BLOG about our new business up in Pleasant Valley. This is sort of a Spin-Off from my Brother, Ron Northup's Company, Wayne's Lawn Service. We are trying to get a similar business going in PV, and the name is Pleasant Valley Solutions, Inc. We are incorporated, but the Corporate Structure is still not fully set up. The only stock-holder to begin with was me (Rick Northup). I initially pledged $25,000.00 and an additional $25,000.00 to be our fledging company's first customer. In addition, Uncle Dean wants to jump in with $25,000.00 in cash.

Before Shot of PVSI Pond and Front Office Area
Before Shot of PVSI Pond and Front Office Area

The plan being, that we would fix up the Home Place to be our Model Landscape Home. We are adding a Pond/Pool with waterfall and a sidewalk that runs from there to the front door of the house, bounded by various Landscape Features and gardens. There will be border gardens all around the house, and ornamental Trees and Shrubs planted over the North half of the property, including upgrading the present Orchard, North of the greenhouse.

The work was started in the middle of August, with Matthew Northup and Mark Binkley digging down along the foundation and installing Styro-foam for insulation and tearing off the Front Porch and the back entry in the process.

South End, After Back-Filling, Ready To Start Setting Landscape Blocks
South End, After Back-Filling, Ready To Start Setting Landscape Blocks

Curt Binkley was contracted to finish the siding.
Diana Morkassel and her Spruce-Up Nursery has been hired as the primary Plant design specialist. She will supply all plant materials and act as sub-contractor for the planting process.

South End, With Landscape Blocks Partially Installed
South End, With Landscape Blocks Partially Installed
East Side; Patio Area and on to the Pond
East Side; Patio Area and on to the Pond
North East Corner; Landscape Timber Border Garden
North East Corner; Landscape Timber Border Garden

Wayne's Lawn Service has been contracted as the primary construction Vendor with responsibility for the design and installation of the Pond and Landscape features, as well as prepping the PVSI Construction yard and burying all the Bargain Barn mess that was left after the fire.

Before Shot of PVSI Materials Area
Before Shot of PVSI Materials Area

Eventually, we expect Darien Northup to be our primary building construction General Contractor.
We also expect to involve David Samuelson as Architect, and as a secondary Construction General Contractor.
So far, there has been no interest shown by Cousin Gary Northup, who has a long history as Developer and General Contractor of homes and Commercial Building or by my brother-in-law, Tony Persinger, who also has been an Independent General Contractor in his own right.

My daughter, Cherly Ballek has fixed up their house in Bemidji and has it put up for sale. We are hoping proceeds from that eventual sale can be at least partially pumped back into this company to get us building houses.

Part of our philosophy is to put our people to work at a decent wage, with the prospect of investing a portion of what they earn back into the Company on a Stock Purchase Plan. If an employee is hired at $9.00/hr, he can invest up to $3.00/hr of that money into stock, whereby the company will equal that committment, in essence giving that employee a total value of $12.00/hour. Similar stock ownership plans will be put in place for the various Vendors. The vision is that all people who work for the Company will own a stake in the Company.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Predictions of Hurricane Katrina

There has been considerable discussion of late about the "Surprise" that Hurricane Katrina was to the residents of the Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana coast. There was no Surprise at all. They have been talking for years, that sooner or later this area would get a direct hit from a Category Five Hurricane. The only Surprise was that this hurricane weakened a little just before landfall and only hit as a Cat 4.

Path of Katrina crossing Florida, building strength in the Gulf and Striking just East of New Orleans

In September of 2001, the people of this country woke up for a few short months before they went back to sleep. The idea of a major Terrorist Attack on American Soil is now, as it was prior to 9-11, on the back burner.

In September of 2002, the article linked to on the top of this page came out. I, for one had never heard of it. I suppose the war in Afghanistan, and the looming threat of a similar attack on Iraq was taking up all the headlines, and no one was very interested in the possibility of any sort of natural disaster striking American Soil. We are a God-Fearing country, and God would not allow such a thing to happen.

Katrina Bearing Down on the Mississippi Delta

But, now it is September of 2005. The Anniversary of the Day the Terrorists came to America is looming large, and the disaster of Katrina is a week old today. The kibitzing and Politicizing has already started. So far, I have not heard anyone accuse President Bush of causing the Hurricane, but he has been accused by many of responding too slowly and the government at all levels has been accused of not being prepared for this. There is some truth to this accusation, but it is not the sole responsibility of the President or the Congress to act. This is a country Of the People, For the People, and By the People. It is time that We the People get concerned about some of the things that are going on. We bear the ultimate responsibility.

There are two primary reasons why the devastation was so bad in New Orleans by a mere Category 4 Hurricane. They are unrelated, except both were caused somewhat by a form of greed. It started over a hundred years ago when we started building dikes to keep the Mississippi from flooding.

This was essentially Land Greed.

The land that is in the most precarious location is the prime land, that people are willing to pay any price to have it. And they expect the government to step in and help them keep it safe. I have heard many complain that "The Welfare People" are expecting the Government to step in and help them because they are left homeless. The real problem is that the Wealthy Landowners on these lands are willing to pay any amount of Insurance money to guarantee the safety of their precarious mansions. And "We the People" are ultimately paying for it.

The Army Corps of Engineers has been ordered by the Federal Government to build the Dikes and Dams that are largely responsible for the condition the Mississippi Delta is in today. The other part of the equation, of course, is the huge Oil and Gas interests in the area.

This is Oil Greed.

Not only is the Gulf and the Delta covered with Oil Wells and their acompanying Pipe-Lines, most of the Oil coming in from the Middle East traverses these same waters. The canals dug by the Oil Companies into the marshes is the other primary reason this part of Louisiana is sinking into the sea and there is no longer a buffer region to calm the fury of the hurricanes, so they can hit New Orleans full force.

A city that was built by greed, ten feet below sea level and protected by 20 foot dikes that merely serve to hold the water for months after a thirty foot storm surge breaches those walls.

I urge you to click on the title of this BLOG and read the article in it's entirety, including listening to the radio clips. Remember that this dire warning was sounded in September of 2002, more than 3 years before Katrina formed in the Caribbean Sea.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

More from the Didache

Chapter 11. Concerning Teachers, Apostles, and Prophets.
Whosoever, therefore, comes and teaches you all these things that have been said before, receive him. But if the teacher himself turns and teaches another doctrine to the destruction of this, hear him not. But if he teaches so as to increase righteousness and the knowledge of the Lord, receive him as the Lord. But concerning the apostles and prophets, act according to the decree of the Gospel. Let every apostle who comes to you be received as the Lord. But he shall not remain more than one day; or two days, if there's a need. But if he remains three days, he is a false prophet. And when the apostle goes away, let him take nothing but bread until he lodges. If he asks for money, he is a false prophet. And every prophet who speaks in the Spirit you shall neither try nor judge; for every sin shall be forgiven, but this sin shall not be forgiven. But not every one who speaks in the Spirit is a prophet; but only if he holds the ways of the Lord. Therefore from their ways shall the false prophet and the prophet be known. And every prophet who orders a meal in the Spirit does not eat it, unless he is indeed a false prophet. And every prophet who teaches the truth, but does not do what he teaches, is a false prophet. And every prophet, proved true, working unto the mystery of the Church in the world, yet not teaching others to do what he himself does, shall not be judged among you, for with God he has his judgment; for so did also the ancient prophets. But whoever says in the Spirit, Give me money, or something else, you shall not listen to him. But if he tells you to give for others' sake who are in need, let no one judge him.

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Apocrypha WebSite

Earlier today, I mentioned the existence of the Teaching of the Twelve Apostles, Also called "The Didache". I have linked to this page on my Title, but would also like to remind the Reader of the primary subject matter that I was reporting on, found in Chapter 7: "And concerning baptism, baptize this way: Having first said all these things, baptize into the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, in living water. But if you have no living water, baptize into other water; and if you cannot do so in cold water, do so in warm. But if you have neither, pour out water three times upon the head into the name of Father and Son and Holy Spirit. But before the baptism let the baptizer fast, and the baptized, and whoever else can; but you shall order the baptized to fast one or two days before. " I thought this was quite interesting, in that it supports the Catholic and Lutheran practice of sprinkling, to some extent.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Booing at a Special Olympics

Dan said something today that has stuck with me and got me to thinking about some things. He said something about Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, covering the Jackson Trial. The quote is: "Criticizing the Jackson media is like booing at the special olympics." This sort of went "Clunk" with me when he said it, but I had to think about it a while and then I did a Search and found out the saying originated with Wanda Sykes on Jay Leno, who says, "You can't not like Bush - that's like booing at the special olympics."
There are all sorts of places you could use this statement. Of course, Dan simply thought it was amusing, and apparently, he is a big fan of Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog. I had never heard of him, but that is sort of irrevelent. Lately, I have noticed I am pretty quick to judge others when probably I am displaying my own faults by doing so. I was telling Donna how I figured out how to cut off those guys who always go flying by you when they know the two lanes are going to become one in 1/3 mile and they've driven that road a thousand times and all the people patiently waiting in line while about a hundred cars pass and squeeze in ahead of them. I said, I just sort of drift over and hog both lanes so no one can get ahead of me and they have to wait until it is their natural turn. Would you believe she actually took the side of the other guy and thought I was the rude one?? It is a sort of wake-up call. I have had enough people tell me lately I am a lousy driver that I have thought maybe I should take it to heart and quit driving. I thought my Dad stubbornly kept at it long after he should have been banned from the road, but in a way, I secretly admired his obstinate nature and see a good deal of my own personality reflected in the dark pools of his past existence. It was in 1981, I believe that I lost that one eye and the depth perception was immediately known to be a handi-cap. It took many months before I felt comfortable behind the wheel, and I was amazed that Lucent Technologies would want an old worn out One-Eye with bad teeth on the payroll. I have been back with them long enough to perceive that they still value me very highly, but maybe it is time I hang it up and go putter in the garden, which was my first love and my greatest passion. I turn 61 tomorrow. I thought for sure I would at least hang around for minimum pension, but now I am not so sure I will make it. I will at least finish the job I am presently responsible for and take the Alaska Cruise that I went into hock to be able to afford and see what lies ahead.

Friday, June 03, 2005, eServices for the Small Business and Entrepreneur, eServices for the Small Business and Entrepreneur

You guys may be interested to find out that Di has finally got something going on her Spruce-Up Site. She is also the only one I know in the family who has sold something on E-Bay. I guess RawKneePee is all wrapped up in WLS, and I guess I am getting all wrapped up in PVSI, so it is not really surprising that we are not Blogging like we were in March. Maybe this will all come back to be a really big part of our lives before it is all over.

Saturday, April 30, 2005

The Gospel of Saint Thomas

I have been faithfully following Beth's Blogging right along and have been blessed by many of her posts. She and Ross have recently started a couple more. I was especially intrigued by the Forgotten Texts Blog-Site she started with the Gospel of Thomas, which you can easily get to through the Link I provided in the title of this Blog. I have known about this Gospel for many years along with some of the other Coptic texts and the Nag Hammadi Scrolls. Beth has recently discovered them and is devouring them with a Passion, much as I did 20 some odd years ago. It brings back memories. I have always thought of Thomas as the Alternative Gospel and it is interesting to note, that He apparently made it as far as India, where a different form of Christianity thrived until the Catholic Portuguese arrived and "straightened them out". Ron might remember when we made this discovery quite a long time ago. It is with a good deal of sadness that we note how the Catholic Church has managed to squelch and bury whatever religious aberrations they encountered in their conquering of the New World.

I urge you all to make at least an occasional trip to Ross and Beth's WebSites to stay abreast of the many good things they are bringing to light.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

What a blessing a cat is!  Posted by Hello

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Please help me update my address book on Ringo

Add yourself to Rick's address book! I am looking to update my Address Book and this goes out to the World Wide Web. Anyone who wants to join Ringo and become part of an Online shared Address Book, go to the link I have given below.
Sign Up With Ringo

Friday, April 08, 2005

The Work of a Communications Technician

When I am doing menial work, by mind races. I do a lot of that, it seems. Today, when my mind was racing, I thought up this Blog.

Some of you may not have any idea what a Communications Service Technician does in life. Some of you may not even care. For those who do, the following is a brief description of the kinds of work I am apt to be doing on a given day.

In general, our work starts with a new piece of equipment that needs to be bolted to the floor and cable racking brought to it. This is called iron-work, in the trade. Most bays nowadays are free-standing, that is to say, they are bolted to the concrete floor, usually with four bolts, one at each corner and all the supporting equipment is mounted one way or another to these line-ups of free-standing bays. Let's say this one is a Cisco Router. That is pretty common new equipment. This Bay will be seven feet tall and about two foot square. There may be as many as three routers in a bay, each approximately two foot by two foot. There will be anywhere from a half dozen to 20 cards in each router. The very top portion of the bay is usually a power panel for powering the routers in the bay. We practically always have to bring power in via a designated Power cable rack. Usually nowadays, there will be Fiber Optic. In most cases, that will come in ducts or at least a special fiber cable rack. Then, any copper cables, T-1s, for instance need to come on a Switchboard cable rack. If there is a modem for monitoring service, there will be a single Ethernet cable, Cad-6E with RJ-45 plugs on both ends. In many instances, you will have a single Switchboard Rack with raised horns, front and back for the Fiber and Power to come in separately from the Switchboard cable, but attached to the same rack.

Then we run whatever cable needs to be run. To get T-1s, we go to a Distribution Frame somewhere, usually on lower floors, so, typically, we may have to go across and down vertical racks several floors and then across again to where-ever they are. What we are installing right now, these cables are in the neighborhood of 300 feet long. Usually, we employ four people or more to run cable, as you need assistance to feed it around the tight spots.

Next, they need to be sewed to the rack every 9 inches on the vertical runs and not more then every 18" on horizontal runs, depending upon what type of containment system there is. The Fiber Optic also needs to go down to a Fiber Distribution Frame, also usually on a lower floor. When you sew fiber, each point of contact needs to be wrapped individually with protective sheet fiber before tying. This is like a heavy paper. There must be two layers, or a double wrap of this fiber. Fiber Optic cable also needs to be secured more consistently to protect it. (It's glass, after all.) The Power cable usually goes to a Power Distribution Frame nearby, so the runs are usually much shorter.

The power is always sewed and usually every 18" on the horizontal runs and 9" vertical. Needles to say, we do a lot of sewing. Sewing cable is done using one of several stitches, usually what we call a Kansas City Stitch is a running stitch, where you add cable under the same string and only tie it off when you are done running cable. Since we are only running a few cables anymore, quite commonly, we use another stitch, especially on Power and Fiber, called a Chicago Stitch. This is a single stitch on a single bundle of cable. For instance, if we are running four fiber Optic cables with 12 fibers per cable, all four cables can be placed under a single stitch. On these applications, I usually use a "Double Chicago Stitch", which holds them more securely. Clicking on the Title of this Blog will take you to a Communcations Service Technician, connecting major power in a Verizon Switch in Elgin, Illinois.

The cord we use for sewing is 9-ply waxed rayon, which is very strong and must be cut with a sharp knife or a good pair of scissors. Every Installer carries a belt pouch containing a Power Knife and a pair of scissors. Since I am right-handed, my pouch is always on my right hip and frequently goes with me on vacation, as it has become such a necessity to every day life for me. Since my right hand does the cutting, my left has to take over a lot of the knot tying, and I have become aware lately how that hand is actually my most dexterous. It is usually working blind, that is to say, when the right hand naturally goes for what can easily be seen, the left has to work with that part of the picture more likely out of sight, on the back side, etc. If you are still with me, you might read the Poem this observation has inspired.

After the cable is run and secured, they need to be tested for continuity and the fiber has to produce light at a sufficient level to pass the test we place on it. It is simply amazing to see the red light of a tiny penlight shining out the other end of a 300 foot fiber cable that you know is finer than a human hair inside the protective sheath. Power up the you slide in whatever Circuit Packs are provided, then you plug in your preconnectorized cables and integrate the new system into the existing network, without causing any interruption in service. Then you clean up, and pack up and move on to the next job.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

David'sMaternal Great Grand Parents

I decided since David needed to know about his Great Grandfather on his Mother's Father's side, I might as well create a very extensive Blog to demonstrate it, however, the HTML was to complex for the BlogSite to handle, so I just created a link to it and loaded it on my regular Website. Enjoy, and make Comments here.


Monday, March 21, 2005

Distorted Reflections in the media mirror

Hello Northup blogmates....Me and dad have been doing lot's of surfing the blog network and today I found an artical relating to one of the dicussions that me and dad were having. On this piticular day we were discussing the implications that John Kerry had used Bloggers to get Elected and if so what that meant to us as bloggers now involved. Anyhow click on the title above for the full artical posted on my site and enjoy.....

I have been very busy if you havn't been there lately, as well as adding a background sound file, I tweeked the cursor, footer, and have messed with the date archives as well as added popup comments. I will continue adding hot links in the sidebar to the various northup blog's and if you do not see your site drop me a comment. Also there are two search engines active and a list of link adds that pay me to post them so don't be shy about going to the links in the sidebar. Most of them are for free content that you can use in your own blog. And all are 100% adult proofed as in nothing for minors....

nuff said....


Friday, March 18, 2005


This is an old Photo of a bunch of Northup and Mc Clellan Cousins; See how many you can identify!!

TheBlogger Welcomes you to Northup Family BLOG.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005


and Listen

Did I get your attention?? The purpose of this BLOG is Alternatives to the Usual. My Alternative today is about Carbs. Didn't you get the message yet about Carbs?? "But I Love Pasta!!", You say...No you don't...You love what goes on pasta. Just try this. Promise me you will just try. It can't hurt. One time, give it a shot. Go buy a pound of good red hamburger, your favorite meaty Sphaghetti sauce and a package of your favorite vegetables. Since we are talking Italian, here, I suggest you use Green Giant Italian Style Vegetables. Broccoli and Red Peppers in an Olive Oil and Garlic flavored sauce. Now forget the pasta, OK?? Brown the meat like you always do. I always start with a little olive oil in the pan, so it don't stick too bad and it gives it some extra flavor. I always buy the very best virgin olive oil. Pamper yourself here. Now stir in the vegetables, let it simmer just a bit and then add the Sauce. It's already cooked, just get it simmering again. Now this makes a couple good sized plates full plus about the same amount to put in the fridge and save for tomorrow. This is good stuff, Guys. Since you aren't getting any carbs with it, you can eat as much as you want and you won't get heart-burn...I promise. All the good stuff with none of the bad. (The Doctors will tell you just the opposite. Just ignore them...What do they know??)

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Perry Gates Northup

Have been in touch with Melissa Northup. She is descended from Perry Gates Northup. This is the same line we are from going back to David Northup, Sr., who was the younger brother of the Stephen Northup Jr. that most all the other Northups are descended from. Her Grandfather, Norris died in the 70s over a hundred years of age. He tore a barn down with nothing but a hammer at 98 years old. Norris was the 5th child of Perry Gates Northup, who had ten children in all. She still has to send me the information on the younger five.

Creating Thumbnails

This is a Demonstration of Thumb-Nail Use in a Blog.
Click on Picture to see Full Size Pic!!

Go to Diana's Picture Puzzles to see more examples!!!

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Greenhouse Flowers

I am sitting here thinking about flowers which I've picked in the greenhouse. I have many vases all over the kitchen. They smell so wonderful I wish I could publish the fragrance. This page is on my server. You'll find a page for DianaM in the sidebar. Not all flowers, but there will be more there soon. I send at least monthly.
My Spruce Up blogspot will have frequent changes. It's easy to send a picture there any old blog.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Back Up and Running in a Limited Fashion

Seems like things are cooling off a little in the Blogosphere. Diana has gotten pretty active and Jo-Jo has almost quit altogether. My wife told me if I was going to talk about people's Blog, I should include her, so I did. Seems like RawKnee has finally posted another Post, albiet a rather Puny Post, if you'd Pardon the Pun. I hope he writes another Poem soon. I hope all you guys whose names I did not mention will not castigate me. I hate that.

Larry did not castigate me but Di did, so I had to add him in...Sorry 'bout that.

As for me, I have gotten a new hard drive to use for work and have rejuvenated the old one for personal use in the Motel, so I am alive and Kicking again and even down-loaded Hello so I can chat with my family and friends again.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Strait's of Megellan

Strait's of Megellan
Taken during my first Naval cruise around the South American Continant

Thursday, March 03, 2005

!! New Graphics Blog Page !!

Hey everybody I have finnally gotten the Graphics loaded for the new blog page. So all you artist wanna be's or you artist lookers get on over and check it out!!!

you say you have a drawing you want to add? Great just request access to post it by emailing me .....

see you there!!

Monday, February 28, 2005

James Knippel

I had posted a blurb on Ron's Blog about your cousin, Jim Knippel. Frank asked a question on there in a Comment, which I answered in another Comment, but it strikes me, most will never navigate that deep into Ron's Page to see that Post at all, so I am going to Post another Blog here regarding him and that family. Clicking on the Title of this Blog will take you to the Genealogical Website of His Grand-Father.

Many of you probably know nothing about the Fleischman family at all. My Grandmother Knox, was a Fleischman. Her Father, Carl Ferdinand Charles Edward Fleischman must have been quite a character, from what I have heard. He met his wife, Martha Bertha Krueger in Wausau, Wisconsin, where the Knippels lived out their lives. James has since moved to California, but many of the other Knippels still live there. Charles was born aboard the ship that was bringing his parents to America, and Martha Bertha was born in Prussia. These are Mom's Grandparents, folks. Mom's Mother, Esther Clara Viola Fleischman was born in 1895, the 4th of 10 kids. She died in 1937, less than a year after Mom and Dad got married. Esther's youngest sister, Beatrice was born in 1901 and married Walter Knippel. Her baby, James was born in 1947 and married Kathleen Johnson. As I said, he has recently moved to Califonia. He will be sending me a good deal more information, or I may get it from his older brother, Ray, who still lives in Wausau.

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Gary's Mike Pulling the Girls on Sled in a Snowy Seattle
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My Visit With Abbe in Pittsburg

I got up this morning about seven, ate some oatmeal and headed for Pittsburg on Highway 30. You cross the Ohio River into West Virginia, the panhandle for just a couple miles and then you are in Pennsylvania. It is a scenic winding two lane drive most of the way with 45 to 50 MPH being about the maximum. Then you hit #22 and it goes to four lane divided the rest of the way. I picked up I79 and then I279 to I376 to where you exit for where Abbe is living. I got there about 9 AM but didn't know I had to go around the rear to find her doorbell. Finally got in and we were off to see the town.
She is a fantastic tour guide and navigator. I had to drive, as she has no car, so she had to keep pretty busy telling me what lane to be in, etc. She showed me Heinz Field where 3 Rivers Stadium used to be, the Mellon, Carnegie and Heinz buildings all over town...I was shocked and amazed to find out Del Monte had bought out much of the Heinz operation. Yes, that's right, folks. The Heinz Ketchup factory will now be cranking out Del Monte Catsup. Or some such similar scenario.
I should clear up a couple other things. 3 Rivers Stadium has been imploded, for those who didn't know after the Building of the New Heinz Stadium and on the other end of the complex, the new Pirates Home, PNC Park. I should also clear up the notion of there being three rivers. Actually, the Allegheny and the Monongahela Rivers come together here to form the Ohio. So it is two rivers becoming one.
She also showed me the very extensive UPMC (University of Pittsburg Medical Facility) where she works. It is one of the region's largest and they have many beautiful structures. The Medical Profession has sort of taken over the city since the Steel Mills are pretty much gone. You still see a few mills up and down the Ohio River, but in Pittsburg, they are mostly shut down, torn down, converted, or all of the above.
I saw a lot of varied bridges all over the City. We visited North Side, South Side, WareHouse District, The Jewish Quarter, Little Italy, Up-Town, Down-Town, Deutsch Town, Polish Town, etc, etc. Much of the City is getting pretty run-down with the loss of the Steel money, but a lot of it is getting renovated in various ways. It is a very amazing melting pot of various ethnic and economic diversity.
I crossed the river for my return to E. Liverpool, which meant I did not go back into West Virginia. When you cross the border from Pennsylvania into Ohio, you are immediately in E. Liverpool. There is pretty much solid city along the River, so I did not gain much in overall speed, although the highway was four lane most of the way, and a very interesting drive along the Ohio River.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Joey and Aurora Wedding Party

TheBlogger Welcomes you to Northup Family BLOG.

The Greater Northup Family Bloggists of Note

I suppose, in fairness, someone ought to point out
that in
RawKnee's case, at least, some of his best
stuff is posted on someone else's Blog, namely mine,

Now there are many others, Beth is doing almost daily
Inspirationals at:
What she posted yesterday is worth reading for anyone
who considers himself a devout Christian.

Her sister, Jo is a devoted Bloggist, who faithully
visits all the blogs, posting amusing comments. Her
BLOG is:

Another sista, Faitha, is very devoted, but so far
has not figured it out. She is still fueling around
with it. But before she runs out of gas, I hope she
figures out how to fire up a whole line of very
thought provoking poetry. One of the most gifted but
unhallowed Poet-Writers in the family, capable of
making one of the
most visited BLOGs in the Annals of the Greater
Northup Family. Right now it is almost impossible to
find without one of these Handy, Dandy Links, Ron
speaks about.

Seems like all the Fowlers are very talented, and
Frankie, not to be out-done has started his own Ten
Mile Lake BLOG at: He
does not say a lot, but he has deep thoughts. Almost
as deep as the waters of Ten Mile Lake he has a
passion for. Lots of peaceful pictures here.

In my own family of note, and one of the most Prolific Bloggers in the family, is my Rock Headed Son, Larry, who Blogs all over the place, but cheifly and of note, his own Blog at:

Also, there is my Northernma Wife, Donna, Blogging around everyone's Sites, mostly trying to catch up with me, which would be impossible, to be sure. She has just learned how to put up her picture, so you can see her at:
There are several who have joined my Team, but to my nowledge have done no posting. They include Sharon Haberman, Arlan Hanson, and Shari Bigalk. In addition, The Katy Kid has joined and has so far made Comments on other various Blogs.
And Last, but certainly not least, Chris and Kirk Haberman have a Sports Page, which, technically is not a BLOG, but it is very well worthwhile your visiting, especially if you are a Sports Fan. You can find daily postings here:

This BLOG will be posted on the Northup Family BLOG
aforeto mentioned for convenience of poking around at
various BLOGs of Note out there. As usual, for anyone who got to reading down this far, The Title of this BLOG is a link to the site where it all becomes possible for you too, to become a Blogger of Note. I love You Guys.


Friday, February 25, 2005

Grampa and Baby Kendall
talk to sissy

Just before dad heads back to Ohio on sunday morning last weekend.

Thursday, February 24, 2005



Say it isn't So....


Wednesday, February 23, 2005

A New Blog place

I've found a little solace,
I know you're going to Like.
I'm blogging in a new place,
It's just on down the

You're going to have to visit,
This is your only link.
I know you're going to find it,
You'll miss it if you blink.


Tuesday, February 22, 2005

My Brother The Blogger

After only a mere 53 years, my Brother has become a Blogger.

It's a good thing, because with that Belly of his, he made a mighty poor excuse for a Logger.

One thing I have noticed in the relatively short period of time that I have been a Bloggin'

It really isn't too hard at all, except for the strain on your Noggin'

It's a good thing that we have finally come up with some pretty decent Blogs.

Because my experience up to this point was telling me that we were going to the Dogs.

Reading some of this boring stuff really had me Sawing Logs.

I felt like hacking into their Gears and breaking off their Cogs.

It seems like everyone was missing the whole point of joining someone's Team.

You need to take the time to Blog up someone else's Site, your existence to Redeem.

So now that Blogs are being Plugged up with other people's Poems,

And Lousy Non-Working Links are leading Blogger's to their Homes,

It seems like at least a few of us are Blogging in High Gear.

At least to my way of looking at it, that is how it would appear.

The rest of you need to go to your Dash-Boards and Activate your Members.

So the rest of us can go in there and Create and Dis-Member.

Beths blogging

I fixed the links herein so check it out again if it didn't
work before. Check back daily for revisions as well.

I am atttempting to do what Uncle Rick has requested.
He has suggested that I put together a daily devotional blurb.
I liked the idea and so decided to give it a whirl.
It will get better I pray. This is the beginning
and things usually get better with time.
Come check it out and tell me what you think.
Leave a comment and tell me what you would
like to see or not see. I plan to make it deeper
and personalized a bit, as time allows.
Come be uplifted at:
The Trott Family Blog
Blessings from above I pray,

I'm a contemplative Blogger

I set and contemplate, quiet and Serene,
Thinking of other Bloggers, staring at their Screen.
What is it you ask me, That motivates my Thought,
The thrill of Dessertation, the stirring of the Pot.
Blogging here Blogging there, it's rather Disjointed,
four solitary comments, by others not Annointed.
Pointed non-ingaugement, trusting in my Skills,
Then hollered at by Rickie, thus agitates my Quills.
I must reply, I must respond, in pensive Disregard,
But coming up with Blog-grade-stuff, I must admit is Hard.
So here, squabble, quibble, dissect it if you Must,
For this attempt has reached it's culmination, the end, a blogiversal Bust.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

The Dullest BLOG

The following is the most recent BLOG posted on the Dullest BLOG in the World Page:
"My knee had a slight itch. I reached out my hand and scratched the knee in question. The itch was relieved and I was able to continue with my activities."
There are presently 375 pages of responses to this single BLOG, which was posted on Sept 10, 2004. His last previous to that was on the 2st of August:
" There was an object occupying a space on my table. Using my hand I picked up the item from its place. Having considered my options for a moment I placed the object on a different area of the table. "
Before that, it was May 19th:
"I was standing quite near to a wall. I turned my attention towards it for a few moments. Having done this for several seconds I turned away from it and carried on doing something else."
I think he has found out if he posts very often, he will not get many hits. This way, people keep coming back to see what new little gems are there. Many people post over and over and some even use it for a sort of Chat Room. I was laughing until my sides ached this morning about 1 AM.
I have received a couple comments from people outside the family, but it is sort of cheating, because I went to theirs and posted something. So far, I have not done a search and found one of our BLOG pages, but I did a Search Yesterday and found the new link about the BLOG that I had added to my Northup Family Alternatives Site. I searched for NorthupFamily BLOG and that is what I found.

The Blogger Hit's the road

Well dad has left the house on his way back to work in ohio and I am feeling disappointed. As soon as the van pulled out Cameron, (my daughter), cryed out "My gam-pa... I want to go with my gam-pa daddy. I want to hug my gam-pa" it just about broke my heart.
  • Clean the house
  • Do the dishes
  • Give the girls a bath
  • Start a load of laundry
  • Blog a letter...

oh the heck with house work I want to blog! We did have a good time and got to go see the new house and find out what has been done. They must have just poured the concrete floor in the garage. The siding and roofing was all done and most of the triming out under the eaves had been completed. it appeared that the electrician had finished most of his work and the ducting for the heating cooling had been almost finished as well. They haven't started tieing the rest of the trim boards to finish off the end walls or carpeting yet, which is probably a good thing as there is so much mud around the house. Nor had they started any of the final work upstairs which they won't untill the electrician and heat-cooling work is finished. The walls are still just 2 by 4 skeletons at this point upstairs while the down stairs is almost move in ready...kinda wierd. I also noticed that there is still some insulation to be done.... I wonder if it is going to be blown in or batting? There is going to be so much storage space in the house which is great! And I still have to figure out how I will handle getting a new garage put up and where. When we sold our house the new people said we should take down the pool and bring it with us so I will need to get started on that as well. so much to do..

took very few pictures more of a last minute thing but will post them when we have them. Anyhow dad it was great to have you down and look forward to our next get together. I am still hopeing to get down some time this spring after we have moved into the house. hmm this blog needs a photo but I suppose this will have to do.

ok back to work you all enjoy your Hog-wild weekend and have fun!

Friday, February 18, 2005

Changing Times For Lucent Tehnologies and all the Giants of the Industry

Things are really changing around here. The title of this BLOG links to the INQIT Site, which, in turn has links to many of the top stories in Telecom that are progressing as we speak.
It looks like people are on the road forever. It is really strange the way they do things. On the one hand, it seems like they have no end of money to do whatever they want with it, and on the other they are getting tight as heck. It's sort of like having a Trust Fund, that let's you get your money out in a certain way. You have to learn how to ask for it and then, the sky is the limit. We had a guy here I am working with that wanted to go home for his kid's hockey tournament, so he asked for some "No Pay" days. He would have driven home on his own and they wouldn't have had to pay for any of it. They said, "No, we are not allowing any "No Pay" until your vacation is gone. So he took a week's vacation, they are paying him for that plus transfer money and four days to travel. They are footing the bill for the whole thing.

Another guy took the buy-out, went in to turn in his tools, pick up his severance pay and say, "Good-Bye!", they told him, "We got bad news...You're staying four more months. They need you in New York City." So he is there now. Today, they told him he is off roll on March 15. Go figure. They spent the money to send him out there and back in addition. It's crazy.

They are sending everybody who isn't either here or New York City to Portland, Ore. They are working 7 eights out there. Maybe I should tell them that's where I want to go. All I have to do is say the word, I am done in Ohio, and that is where I would go.
Some of the guys who have been sent on the road like that are going nuts. We'had about 8 of them in our Office, alone. I think they are intentionally going nuts to get out of going. They are calling it "Stress Related Disfunction" or something like that.
One guy, who I lived with, in his basement, before Donna and Josh came down and we bought the house in Coon Rapids, checked himself into the mental ward today. I imagine he has some freedom, since he checked himself in, but he has to stay in the hospital, supposedly, until they release him. He probably told them he is afraid he'll go "Postal" if he has to go to Portland. He has went postal before, so they would believe him in a flash, but he is trying to get 100% custody of his kids from his first marriage and this will but the Kabosh to that, for sure. In fact maybe their denial of that pushed him over the edge, along with the transfer. Who knows what goes on in someone's mind??

In another vein, The guy who has been my Supervisor down here says they are probably going to need him back in St Lewis and I may be working for the Supervisor whom I really was working for all along. He was just sent down here to help her out because she had so much going. She is just a young gal and really doesn't have the Moxy for some of what they are wanting her to do, but they are primarily trying to cut costs, so they are letting go the top paid people and keeping the ones with less experience.

In one sense, this is good news for me, as it will give us a great deal of control here as Installers. Since she doesn't know a thing about what we are doing, we will make the calls. What it amounts to, we will be doing the part of working Supervision, which is a direction they have wanted it to go. I have always been pretty much in that category, as they appreciate my experience and let me run things my way, but now about all I will be looking to Melissa for is to make sure they drop the materials at the next place. In fact, they might even give that to us, as well. I have to send her my time for the week, but she has no way of knowing how I am really spending my time, so she has to take my word for everything. I will order tools and supplies as needed and send her the bill. In fact, they may give me a credit card, and a cell phone. I have been racking up some bills already including 'Phone calls from the Motel, so I think I will ask her for a Cell, to "Cut Costs".

This is all a part of the way Lucent is doing business since the competition has gotten so fierce in the wake of the terrible decline post 9-11. All the little co-locaters we were installing have fallen by the wayside. Bigger companies are getting swallowed up by their little brothers, as you can see if you go to the INQIT Site I linked to in the Title Page, as I mentioned in my first paragraph.

Happy surfing all you Telecom BLOGgers.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Jamie and Jo with Jack at Ame and Brian's Wedding
TheBlogger Welcomes you to Northup Family BLOG.

Faith is Blogging!! It Bloggles the Mind!!

Hey, Guys, Have you heard?? Faith is the latest to join a long line of Northup Family Bloggers. Her site is Pretty Much In The Pink!! Of COurse, I already linked to her Photo Album, but since no one added any comments, I figured I'd Blog it to you again, secretly hidden on the page you are reading.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Northern Lights

Posted by Hello
I wasn't going to but dad was so amazed at the sight of this jpg that I decided to write about it.
It makes a great background image for your desktop and reminds me so much of home in northern Minnesota. I remember spending many evenings staring at the dancing lights and stars beyond. There just isn't a better place in the world to see them or the stars that I have ever in my days seen. The air was so clear and un"blogged" by light from the busy cities. As well there was something clean about the air in minnesota that I have not found elsewhere. Growing up I spent a lot of time roaming the woods and there was a piticular night that this photo brings to mind where I had fallen asleep in the woods staring and listening to the sounds of the wind in the tree's and walking home through the woods I noticed the light in the sky giving me just enough to see the sparse deer trail befor me. I remember feeling at home and right with the world that evening. This picture just brings it all back.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

This is a Picture of the very Lovely Shayla Butler. (Cousin Linsky's Grand-Daughter)
TheBlogger Welcomes you to Northup Family BLOG.

Random Ramblings of a Tired Mind

Tonight, Lia posted a Comment on Larry's BLOG. I went there and was a little surprised she had picked the same BLOG Format as me. It looks just like my page. I read quite a few of her Posts. She is a deep thinker, Colllege Working Gal from New York City, pondering her place in life and what it all means. Her latest Post was a one-liner, obviously wondering if the reason she wasn't getting responses is because her Blogs are too long. I assured her that was not the case. She seems a little lonely. Maybe she needs some reassurance from the Northup Family Group that she is appreciated. I especially encourage Frank to go to the Link I provided to her WEBsite in my title and read a little of what is there. Some day you may be reading this gal's stuff in a New York Times Best Seller. Better get acquainted today. She says she is doing two a day and she does her best work at three in the morning. I sense a certain Kinship with TheBlogger, Here.
In another Vein, as you may have noticed, Donna figured out how to post a BLOG. Haven't heard a word from Cyndi. She was asking all the questions yesterday, I guess she couldn't find the time today. Linsky figured out how to send pictures on "Hello". Larry sent one of Cameron to me and I sent it to Linsky and she sent one of Shayla to me. All in all a good night. Faith quit early because she had to go to bed so she could go to The Cities tomorrow, but I suspect it was really because Curt was beckoning slyly. Never did see RawKnee, but he had posted a comment to my last BLOG on the Upper Ohio.

Rick and Donna Dancing

I decided to edit Donna's post, just to show her what can be done, once she figures out what to do with it. Since this is us dancing, it made me think of Billy's Wedding. I decided to link the Photo to Faith's Photo Album, even though this picture was not taken at Billy's Wedding. Faith's Photo Album is not so completely done as some of the others, so bear with me on this. I need to create separate pages for Billy and Amanda, at least and put Faith's Page under Judy. That has not been done yet. One step at a time. This is TheBlogger, editing Donna's Post. Posted by Hello

Larry's Thought's

Motivation will almost always beat mere talent.
-Norman R Augustine

For more Qoutes like this visit the NorthRockHead's Blogging Spot!!!

This ad was not paid for and is a blantant blog ad not sponsored by this blogger or his affiliates. In addition, it should be noted that the specific qoute listed may or may not neccesarily be on the site and that other similar qoutes may or may not be of the same or similar quality. If you can read this legalese, you have very good eyesight, or are squinting really hard.

Monday, February 14, 2005

The Upper Ohio Valley

I wanted to talk a little more about the Upper Ohio Valley, where I am presently working. The attached link shows you a few Photos of the Upper Ohio, chiefly Steubenville. The first one at the top of the page is the Veteran's Memorial Bridge at Steubenville. I thought it was astronomical. There are no less than three bridges crossing the Ohio at this point, but this one is the newest, built in 1990. There are photos here of the other two, as well.

We will be working in Steubenville in a few short weeks, when we are done in Wellsville and East Liverpool. I still haven't figured out the meaning of the East part, as it suggests there is a Liverpool to the West, but there isn't, and E. Liverpool is on the West side of the river. Another puzzling town I have not yet figured out is called Shadyside, and doesn't that suggest there must be a Sunnyside, as well?? Well, there isn't and naturally, following the Upper Ohio pattern, Shadyside seems to me to be on the sunny side of the River, being on the NorthWest side of the river and would catch the bright morning to noon sun, but maybe it is because in the hot afternoon, it would be the shady side.

Now, as many of you know from my Sunday Post, I went down the river on Saturday as far as Galiopolis and through on 141 to Northup, Ohio, where I visited the cemetary. I found out that things get a little better further South, but up here where I am at, this is poor man's country. I don't really know where main-stream USA is, but it is not the Upper Ohio River Valley. This place is poor. It would be cliche to say they are too poor to leave, but I know for a fact they are too poor to tear down their old run-down houses. As I said to Rick Friday, who works with me, if you went up and down the street and tried to figure out which one out of ten you ought to try and save, you would be hard-pressed to make that decision. They all gotta go.

This really tells you something about that Catholic Chaplain I was telling you about earlier who wanted to serve the parrish here and in Youngstown rather than retiring after 20 years in the Air Force to some nice place like Florida or Southern California, or even maybe Katy, Texas.

At any rate, I want you all to know, that I think I have figured out my purpose in life. It is to BLOG my very controversial opinions all over the Internet to whoever wants to chime in and give me their opposing opinions. Anything is fair game. When I do my observing, I am going to make some mental notes and when I come home to BLOG, I am going to tell it as I see it, and I will promise to read and respond to anything you post. I may choose to delete a few obnoxious remarks, like the one from the guy Argus, who thought Gary's picture was funny. I LOVE that picture of Cousin, Gary. BLOG You, Argus!!

I know there are people out there who agree with me, too. I think Bill Maher agrees with me pretty much. He is an unabashed Liberal. I think I am an Abashed Liberal. At any rate, if you agree with me, to Heck with all those others guys you think you might offend, tell me about it. I wanna hear it, even if they don't.

I'll tell you something said the younger blogger boy of foolish intent...but you might not want to here it.

Chatting online with family...

You know Allison is a littl eperturbed with me as I have spent the past three days almost exclusivly online chatting blogging and getting blogged...

But I got to chat with dad about a lot of nonsense and started the whole blogging thing, which lead into a future visit and then april joined in and we chatted...she fixed my print problem and didn't know that she had. hmmm.....

any way the point is wether blogging is silly or just a new angle on chatting it works.

so blog That

The Infamous as he thinks he is.....NorthRockHead
blogger extrordinair

p.s. thought for the chatting online better than chatting on the phone?

Sunday, February 13, 2005

See More Pictures of Gary Northup and Connie
On Their Recent Trip Around The USA

A Good Shot of Cousin Gary
TheBlogger Welcomes you to Northup Family BLOG.

Allison and Girls From Larry's Online Photo Album

Allison, Cameron and Kendall at South of the Border during our Tampa trip.
(That is the NC-SC border. Sorry bout that.)

That BLOG-Headed North Rock Head

Well, Well, Well;

This is really taking off. I see now where Larry was readintg some e-mails and decided to give it a try. He went to my latest BLOG about all the Northups there are buried at the town of Northup, Ohio, and decided to start his own BLOG-Spot. As usual, in the Northup Family BLOG, you can go to the title of the day's BLOG and Instantly, you will be transferred over to another BLOG-Site. In this case, Larry's NorthRockHead BLOG-Spot.

The most fascinating thing about the whole issue is this...Larry was sitting there on the Computer, BLOG-ging, and along comes Allison to look over his shoulder! She gets a look at my BLOG and decides to get on there herself. So along with 17 other Comments, one of them is from her and she is inviting me to Virginia for a visit some week-end, probably, this next one coming. Maybe I'll get to meet my new grand-daughter.

Naturally, when I got done reading the 18 comments, I had to go to both RawKnee and Hard Rock's BLOGs to see what they had going and added in a couple comments of my own. I see where Ron has loaded some of his pictures to his BLOG, besides his Pansy face, and I hear he did it using this "Hello" and "Picasa" thingy. I got that, too and I am on here BLOG-ging away and all of a sudden I got a window open and here it is Larry hollering at me on the Yahoo Chat-Line, so we got the "Hello" open, added him to my list and we visited back and forth for half an hour until he had to change "The Girls" I hope he didn't change them into boys. I know there were times I was tempted to see if I couldn't change a couple of the girls. But not for the better, as they always were the best there is.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Northup, Ohio Cemetary

I had such a wonderful day. When I got up this morning it was gray and blustery with a skiff of new-fallen snow. I thought about just staying tucked in my cozy Motel and then decided it would truly be a waste. I headed out the door, then came back to get my new Atlas to make some decisions. 10 hours to Norfolk, Virginia. Could easily be done, but better to wait for a Friday afternoon so I could figure on getting in there and get a motel Friday and Saturday night, driving home on Sunday. Then too, I should really contact Larry and Alllison before going. Similar thoughts about Abbe and the Haberman boys. Actually, I could get to Pittsburg any afternoon after work, so why waste a week-end??
So off I did hie to Galiopolis down the mighty Ohio. A very scenic drive up and down the hills and around every bend of the river for 200 miles. By the time I got to Galiopolis the sun was coming out full and it was a balmy 55 degrees at the cemetary and dry enough to lie down and study the stones. The little town of Northup is about eight miles down the road past Galiopolis. I had a bit of trouble finding the cemetary. It is a good mile past town down a quiet lane that leads directly past to a farmhouse., and is used primarily as his drive way. No trouble at all finding the town.
It is a nice little quiet town on a busy Creek (or Run, as they are called in Southern Ohio). Too bad I forgot my camera. It would have been a really lovely shot in the bright afternoon sun.
I found quite a few Northups, but they were mostly children. The one adult that stood out was Hannah, wife of
George Vernon Northup . She was born Hannah Gilbert on July 4, 1809 and died Aug 3, 1888. Her stone was very large and quite legible. A lot of them were almost impossible to read without taking some bleach out there to clean off the fungus.
I have been wanting to visit the Northup Cemetary for a long time. Doug Northup, husband of Kari Dye is descended from this branch of Northups and also this branch of Gilberts. I have been in repeated contact with Kari over the years since I started doing Northup Genealogy.

Friday, February 11, 2005



I'm sure by now you all know that RawKneePee is a BLOGger, but did you know he has his own BLOG?? It's incredible. Everyone I know is BLOGging these days!!!

Once again, if you want to go to RawKnee's BLOG, Click on the Title of this BLOG.

I think somehow what we have to do is make all the people with their own BLOGs to get on the Team with all the others. I think that is how it works the best but I can't really figure out how it is done.

Beth's New BLOG

Hey, Guys, Perhaps you've heard. Beth Trott has a new BLOG!!! If you click on the title of this Post, (Which reads, "Beth's New BLOG", for the computer illiterates on here), it will take you there in a jiffy. I hope you have patience with Beth as she is just getting started in this BLOGging business. This is her first day. (I have even heard there is a rumor out there that she may use this BLOG for a Daily Inspirational for the Northup Family so they can wake up each day refreshed and ready to hit the streets as a Prayer Warrior, Fully Armored for God.)

On the other hand, I have been at this for four days now and I even have a picture on my Profile of me and Ron BLOGgong together. Who else has that??

Thursday, February 10, 2005

The Blogger What Got Fired

Did you Guys hear about the Blogger who got fired for something he BLOGged on the company's BLOGsite, so he started his own BLOG?? He's sorta famous right now. BLOG Mark Jen and you can read all about it. Or, better yet, go to the Link I have provided. That's his personal BLOG now that Microsoft fired him. At the top of his Page, it says, "exMFST"

Testing a New Theory

I am trying"BLOG This" at the top of the page there and seeing if I can start a new thread this way

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

East Liverpool

Well, by the time I got out of the Motel in Cleveland, it was almost nine when I got to the Warehouse. It was perfect timing. The guy that is working with me was all done with his training and after speaking briefly with Melissa about some issues, we hit the cars and headed South. We stopped by Columbiana, (a little town ten miles or so from Salem, Ohio) to check out some issues with the job we had done there last May. Everything was good, so we continued to E. Liverpool. Got checked in and settled. I only have a regular dial-up, but I am connected at 48 KBPS, so that is not too bad. The rooms were disappointing after the Hampton Inn. We got smoking Queens and they were filled, so they couldn't change us. I was a little angry to be given a smoking room, but I will have to live with it until something else opens up. They don't have In-House Laundry, either, so I will have to find a laundromat soon. I am down a little on clean clothes after going all last week and into this one.

Still no answers to any of my BLOGs. I will invite the e-mail Group to peruse it soon and see if they want to join.

I am in Room # 29 of the AmeriHost Inn and Suites in East Liverpool, Ohio. The Phone Number here is 330-386-3800, if anyone wants to call.


All Done in Cleveland

Tomorrow when I get up, I eat breakfast and check out of the motel I have been in since the last week of November. I start out in the Warehouse at Cleveland to finish a little bit of Training pertaining to Lucent Business Guideposts. (We have to take this annually to make sure we know what is a proper understanding of Lucent Ethics.)

When I am done with that, I head for E. Liverpool, just across the Ohio/West Virginia line. It is less than 40 miles from Pittsburg on U.S. 30. We took the van we will be using down there today and continued over to Columbus to get some tools calibrated.

I will post tomorrow with my new address and Telephone Number.


Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Waiting Patiently in Cleveland

I have decided to add a second Thread to the BLOG, hoping someone will find something to add to. It gets sort of boring sitting in this Motel Room waiting for someone to find my BLOG and say something. I am hoping this will work sort of like a Chat Room, but more family oriented, and more variety to what you can do with it. If anyone has any bright ideas how to proceed, please enlighten me.


Sunday, February 06, 2005

New Northup Family BLOG Site

I have created this BLOG as an Alternative BLOG for the greater Northup Family to get together and share thoughts and ideas without plugging up the various e-mails. This has been started as an Alternative to the Northup Family Group on Yahoo, created by the same Author. I am TheBlogger, usually known as TheGrabber on Yahoo. This BLOG is open to the General Public, however I will require Users to maintain a certain amount of sensitivity to younger Northup Family Members. Thank You for your consideration. Please feel free to join our BLOG.