Saturday, April 15, 2006

Glacial Extension Since Time of Christ

Chart Showing Glacial Extension around the world since the Time of Christ
This Chart was published on the QUATERNARY & ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES of Arizona Website. The obvious reference is to show the effects of Global Warming in the 20th Century and beyond. What I was the most struck by, was the fact that that period of time from about 100 years before Christ to 100 years after represent the most major period of Glacial Recession on the chart. Far more extreme to date than the present Period of Cars and Industry. My contention is that the World was visibly warmed by the Omnipotent presence of Our Saviour, and the reason we are seeing this happening again, is in preparation for His Second Coming. After all, Christ walked the face of the Earth in Sandals. You could hardly expect Him to want it cold here while He is around.

Indian Art and Furniture

I didn't Know this, but Apparently, The Indians Even Made Furniture. Imagine Grinding Corn Meal all day without a Chair to sit in.

Inside the Tower

The Entire Inside of the Tower is Decorated with Recreated Indian Artwork.

East Rim Road Observation Tower

We Took the Rim Road East out of there, and at the Very Last View-Point, there is this Really Cool Observation Tower.

Donna in Tree on East Rim

Here She is, Sitting in a Pretty Cool Tree. There were Places where there was a lot of Snow Left.

Donna out on the Edge

She even got Brave after a whle, Seeing me climbing all over the Place.

Visiting Arizona

Donna was Really Happy to finally get to see the Grand Canyon.
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