Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Perils of being a Christian

I got to thinking a lot lately about how hard it is to be a "Good Christian".  You have so much responsibility.   You always have to keep second guessing the other guy and try to figure out if he is a "Good Christian" like yourself or if he really needs some help, or even if he is really saved at all, and you got to decide whether you need to teach him about what the Word says, or if you need to "Stand in the gap" for him, or if it would be terribly bad for you if you caused him to stumble, etc.  And then it gets even tougher, when you have to decide whether or not, maybe he is a "Better Christian" than you are and maybe you need to listen to him more about what the Word says and maybe he is right to decide, maybe YOU are not really saved and he has some sort of knowledge that you don't have that could really make you a "Better Christian".   I really got to thinking a lot about this after I realized that..."Strait is the Gate and narrow the way that leads to Eternal life and few shall find it but wide is the path that leads to destruction, and many shall go in thereat."    When I got to thinking about all those people who call themselves Christian and how they always call a few others a bunch of Cults, I could not help but wonder, "What if it were those Cult guys who are right and all those others are on that wide path leading to destruction??"  I'm sure that is the way those Cult guys look at it.  They certainly are not going to make the mistake of calling them "Good Christians."  Oh Woe is me,  what can I do to understand which group it is I belong in??   I know if I bring this up to my pastor, he is going to say, all I got to do is study the Bible and it will become very clear to me.  Then he will ask me when It was that I received the Holy Spirit, and if I am not able to tell him the exact day and hour, he will be convinced I am not saved at all and will invite me to come to the Bible study so I can learn how to be saved, and then when I receive the Holy Spirit, I will know for sure what I need to know to set my mind at ease.