Wednesday, March 30, 2005

David'sMaternal Great Grand Parents

I decided since David needed to know about his Great Grandfather on his Mother's Father's side, I might as well create a very extensive Blog to demonstrate it, however, the HTML was to complex for the BlogSite to handle, so I just created a link to it and loaded it on my regular Website. Enjoy, and make Comments here.


Monday, March 21, 2005

Distorted Reflections in the media mirror

Hello Northup blogmates....Me and dad have been doing lot's of surfing the blog network and today I found an artical relating to one of the dicussions that me and dad were having. On this piticular day we were discussing the implications that John Kerry had used Bloggers to get Elected and if so what that meant to us as bloggers now involved. Anyhow click on the title above for the full artical posted on my site and enjoy.....

I have been very busy if you havn't been there lately, as well as adding a background sound file, I tweeked the cursor, footer, and have messed with the date archives as well as added popup comments. I will continue adding hot links in the sidebar to the various northup blog's and if you do not see your site drop me a comment. Also there are two search engines active and a list of link adds that pay me to post them so don't be shy about going to the links in the sidebar. Most of them are for free content that you can use in your own blog. And all are 100% adult proofed as in nothing for minors....

nuff said....


Friday, March 18, 2005


This is an old Photo of a bunch of Northup and Mc Clellan Cousins; See how many you can identify!!

TheBlogger Welcomes you to Northup Family BLOG.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005


and Listen

Did I get your attention?? The purpose of this BLOG is Alternatives to the Usual. My Alternative today is about Carbs. Didn't you get the message yet about Carbs?? "But I Love Pasta!!", You say...No you don't...You love what goes on pasta. Just try this. Promise me you will just try. It can't hurt. One time, give it a shot. Go buy a pound of good red hamburger, your favorite meaty Sphaghetti sauce and a package of your favorite vegetables. Since we are talking Italian, here, I suggest you use Green Giant Italian Style Vegetables. Broccoli and Red Peppers in an Olive Oil and Garlic flavored sauce. Now forget the pasta, OK?? Brown the meat like you always do. I always start with a little olive oil in the pan, so it don't stick too bad and it gives it some extra flavor. I always buy the very best virgin olive oil. Pamper yourself here. Now stir in the vegetables, let it simmer just a bit and then add the Sauce. It's already cooked, just get it simmering again. Now this makes a couple good sized plates full plus about the same amount to put in the fridge and save for tomorrow. This is good stuff, Guys. Since you aren't getting any carbs with it, you can eat as much as you want and you won't get heart-burn...I promise. All the good stuff with none of the bad. (The Doctors will tell you just the opposite. Just ignore them...What do they know??)

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Perry Gates Northup

Have been in touch with Melissa Northup. She is descended from Perry Gates Northup. This is the same line we are from going back to David Northup, Sr., who was the younger brother of the Stephen Northup Jr. that most all the other Northups are descended from. Her Grandfather, Norris died in the 70s over a hundred years of age. He tore a barn down with nothing but a hammer at 98 years old. Norris was the 5th child of Perry Gates Northup, who had ten children in all. She still has to send me the information on the younger five.

Creating Thumbnails

This is a Demonstration of Thumb-Nail Use in a Blog.
Click on Picture to see Full Size Pic!!

Go to Diana's Picture Puzzles to see more examples!!!

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Greenhouse Flowers

I am sitting here thinking about flowers which I've picked in the greenhouse. I have many vases all over the kitchen. They smell so wonderful I wish I could publish the fragrance. This page is on my server. You'll find a page for DianaM in the sidebar. Not all flowers, but there will be more there soon. I send at least monthly.
My Spruce Up blogspot will have frequent changes. It's easy to send a picture there any old blog.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Back Up and Running in a Limited Fashion

Seems like things are cooling off a little in the Blogosphere. Diana has gotten pretty active and Jo-Jo has almost quit altogether. My wife told me if I was going to talk about people's Blog, I should include her, so I did. Seems like RawKnee has finally posted another Post, albiet a rather Puny Post, if you'd Pardon the Pun. I hope he writes another Poem soon. I hope all you guys whose names I did not mention will not castigate me. I hate that.

Larry did not castigate me but Di did, so I had to add him in...Sorry 'bout that.

As for me, I have gotten a new hard drive to use for work and have rejuvenated the old one for personal use in the Motel, so I am alive and Kicking again and even down-loaded Hello so I can chat with my family and friends again.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Strait's of Megellan

Strait's of Megellan
Taken during my first Naval cruise around the South American Continant

Thursday, March 03, 2005

!! New Graphics Blog Page !!

Hey everybody I have finnally gotten the Graphics loaded for the new blog page. So all you artist wanna be's or you artist lookers get on over and check it out!!!

you say you have a drawing you want to add? Great just request access to post it by emailing me .....

see you there!!