Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Country Of the Politicians, By the Politicians and For the Politicians

For some time I have been wanting to do a BLOG on the people who make the rules to fit their personal ambitions and somehow expect the rest of us to blindly follow, like sheep to the slaughter.  This of course, does not limit the scope of this discussion to Politicians, as the title implies.  It includes all those independent companies and individuals, especially those with enough money to buy their influence and thereunto, the laws they wish implemented.

Yes, this is primarily aimed at all the politicians, who are, largely, lawyers themselves.  All  the CEOs of all the large Corporations, all the Bankers and Lawyers, and yes, to a lesser extent, the Doctors and Teachers and Law Enforcement, for, whereas, at least they do provide a certain service that we do need, have largely bought into this system that has been taken over from a country that was designed to be a government of the people, for the people and by the people to one that is there for big money and the average man has very little to say about it.

A really good modern day example of how this system now works, let us take the recently enacted Affordable Health Care Act.  A lot of you are probably under the belief the Republicans fought tooth and nail to get it blocked, while the Democrats jammed it down their throats, however, they are just as complicit as their supposed foes on Capitol Hill.  In fact, most of what is wrong with the law was placed their by the Republican Leaders, before they would sign on to it in a "JOINT" effort to finally do something about the Healthcare system in this country.  It is hard to find any individuals who think they got a good deal here.  Those who still think it is a system worth keeping are in the healthcarre industry itself, and of course the Insurance Companies are eating it up.

Insurance has long been the root of all evil perpetrated against the American public.  They were the first to get laws implemented that said every individual has to have insurance, starting with Car Insurance and now with Health Insurance as well.  Any economics professor would be quick to acknowledge that the Insurance business is the greatest example of Corporate "Skimming" that has ever existed.  ALL people in the Insurance business make their living at the expense of the average guy who thinks he can not live without insurance.  On the contrary, if he simply put every dime into a simple Savings Account, that he now pays for Insurance premiums, he would have no trouble at all paying for the services that insurance supposedly covers.

A better example may be the TARP program, that bailed out the banks a few years ago.  Most people in America are under the mistaken belief that the banks have long since paid off their debt and TARP is history.  The facts reveal that the bankers are still reaping huge profits from that program and the "help" it supposedly gave to homeowners trying to keep their homes has been pretty much missing from the equation.  How many people do you know who have actually had their mortgages rewritten as a result of the TARP program??  Here again, it was George W. Bush who called both major presidential candidates into his office prior to the election in 2008 to "advise" them of the consequenses of either bailing out the banks, or not doing so.  Whichever one was elected, was expected to carry out the policy instigated by George W. Bush, which Barack Obama did, so both Democrats and Republicans perpetrated this evil against the American public.